Information Sheet

The goal is to assist you to `Get your business in the cloud. This can vary from having the right products for you to establish your own business website through to helping you get a fully self hosted and customized e-commerce site/store.
You need someone that understands and has available the latest cloud based e-commerce solutions for a small business to adapt without being forced into never ending on-going commitments or a faulty shop that doesn’t work and starts costing you more and more. You need secure, self administered, ongoing access to all your online tools from day one including Domain Management and Site Management as well as many often overlooked aspects of your online presence.
Newera Cloud is an Australian Business that believes in keeping things simple and easy to manage with minimum associated costs.
You can contact us to get things started knowing that you are in control.
2018 is the year that all hosting and cloud/web services and sites are going into full production.